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Community Services Standards

Community Services Department - Park Planning Section

Development Information and Standards

Applicable to Subdivision, Rezoning, Site Plan and Committee of Adjustment Processes

The Community Services Department - Park Planning Section has published a Subdivision Requirements Manual, providing standards and information for development applications. Topics covered by the manual include the Subdivision Process, the development of Park and Greenbelt Blocks, Tree Preservation and Boulevard Treatments, in addition to several helpful sample Standard Forms and Documents.

An additional important component of this manual are the Specifications and Details. These regularly apply to a broad range of development applications such as Site Plans, Rezonings and Committee of Adjustment issues.

For Developer Constructed Parks and Greenbelts:
Please be advised of key Community Services -Park Planning and Development Quality Control Issues. Testing, certification, documentation and reports required are outlined in the specifications.

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The Community Services Department Subdivision Requirements Manual is designed to be used as a guideline only and is not intended to be used in tender documents or as construction specifications.

Please be advised that City standards, policies, procedures and/or the contents of the manual may be subject to change without notice. It is the sole responsibility of the developer's consultants to ensure the latest copy of the manual and/or associated addendums are being adhered to at all times.