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D. Business Registration

 A business name registration refers to a registration under the Business Names Act. It expires after 5 years and must be renewed. The Companies and Personal Property Security Branch, Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Business Services (MCBS) does not send reminder notices. There are two types of business name registration in Ontario.

A sole proprietorship is an unincorporatedbusiness that is owned by one person. The owner of a sole proprietorship has sole responsibility for making decisions, receives all of the profits, claims all losses, and does not have separate legal status from the business.

A partnership is an association between two or more people who join together to carry on a trade or business. Each partner contributes money, labour, property, or skills to the partnership.

The cost to register a sole proprietorship or partnership is $60 plus $8 per name search if completed at an Ontario Business Connects (OBC) workstation or via the Internet.

To register by OBC computer, visit the following location below:

Service Ontario
1 Gateway Boulevard, Brampton Ontario 
Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm

To register via the Internet: or

The cost to register a sole proporietorship or a partnership in person at Companies and Personal Property Security Branch or by mail is $80 plus $12 per name search:

Companies and Personal Property Security Branch
375 University Avenue, Suite 200
Toronto, ON M7A 2H6

For further information, read MBEC's document on "Registering a Business" or register for MBEC's seminar "Starting a Business."