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English Language Testing

All persons making application for a Taxicab Driver's licence will be assessed as to their ability to understand and communicate in English. A language proficiency level for the position of Taxicab Driver has been established with the assistance of the Centre for Language Testing and Assessment, a division of the Peel Board of Education. The pre-interview will be administered prior to proceeding to the application stage. A referral procedure has been arranged for those applicants found to be at a lower proficiency level than required. Individuals providing proof of completion of the referral process at the required level may re-submit their application.

Crime Prevention Information
Guidelines to assist the driver for reducing personal risk
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English Language Testing
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Demonstrating the proficiency of using the English Language
  English Language Testing
Mandatory Inspections
Spring/Fall Mandatory Inspections are held in May and October.
  Taxicab Mandatory Inspections