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Traffic Signals

The City's Transportation and Works Department's Standard Drawings and Development Requirements are reviewed regularly and updated as required. The most up-to-date standards are available online.

If you have questions or comments, please call the City's Transportation Asset Management Section at 905-896-5170.

There are three different ways to access the Standard Drawings. Below, all available drawings are listed by title under the sub-heading of Traffic Signals, including the complete section of this manual. If you need to view/print a drawing by individual number, use the navigation on the left hand side of this screen to select "Standard Drawings".

All of the following documents requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. This software is free and available from the Adobe Website.
  Standard Drawing 2600010
Traffic Signals Power service pedestal (POWCO 8500 series or equal)

  Standard Drawing 2600011
Traffic Signals Typical power supply mounting detail

  Standard Drawing 2600012
Traffic Signals Typical traffic signal wiring details

  Standard Drawing 2600013
Traffic Signals Typical traffic signal conductor assignment

  Standard Drawing 2600014
Traffic Signals Typical traffic control signal schematic writing diagram

  Standard Drawing 2600015
Traffic Signals Typical loop vehicle detector layout

  Standard Drawing 2600016
Traffic Signals Typical power supply mounting detail for power service pedestal (POWCO 8500 series or equal)

  Standard Drawing 2600017
Traffic Signals Traffic Signal Wiring Details Option 2-12 Conductors

  Standard Drawing 2600040
Traffic Signals Pole base for combination traffic signal and streetlight poles and survey monuments

  Standard Drawing 2600041
Traffic Signals Concrete base for controller cabinet

  Standard Drawing 2600050
Traffic Signals Typical traffic signal equipment mounting detail (6000 and 7500 poles) (9000 and 10500 poles)

  Standard Drawing 2600060
Traffic Signals Typical traffic signal writing detail

  Standard Drawing 2600070
Traffic Signals Typical School Zone Flashing Equipment Mounting Detail

  Standard Drawing 2600080
Traffic Signals Typical Aerial Traffic Signal Installation

  Standard Drawing 3100027
Traffic Signals: Traffic Signal Head tethering

  Standard Drawing 3100240
Traffic Signals Traffic Control Signal Schematic Wiring Diagram

  Standard Drawing 3100260
Traffic Signals: Standard 7.6m class A CSA concrete streetlight pole detail

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