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The quality of life for Mississauga residents depends on basic infrastructure systems such as roads, highways, bridges, water supply systems, sewers, telecommunications facilities and transit systems being in a state of good repair. Mississauga's municipal infrastructure deficit is estimated to be at $1.5 billion. Though there has been significant construction and repair throughout our city, the municipal infrastructure deficit continues to grow.

Mississauga has all the right ingredients to develop into a sustainable, robust, multi-cultural city of the 21st century. It has vision and is debt-free.  The City's infrastructure is generally in a state of good repair. However, to transform into a great 21st century city cannot be achieved through property taxes alone - additional help must come from the Province of Ontario.


The question that provincial political parties should answer is:

Will your party commit to developing a new, long-term, sustainable infrastructure investment plan for Ontario municipalities?

If you wish to read more on this topic, please refer to the corporate report entitled "Provincial Election 2011:  Summary of Key Issues for the City of Mississauga"  (pages 7-9)