Indoor Pool Additions and Outdoor Pool Redevelopment

Indoor Pool Additions and Outdoor Pool Redevelopment


ISF Projects
Malton Pool, Clarkson Pool

RInC Projects
Erindale Pool, Port Credit Pool, Applewood Pool, Streetsville Pool, Lewis Bradley Pool, David Ramsey Pool

Estimated Costs
Clarkson Pool: $11.8 million
Malton Pool: $11.6 million
Applewood: $3 million
Port Credit: $6 million
Lewis Bradley: $4 million
David Ramsey: $4 million
Erindale: $4 million
Streetsville: $3 million

Malton Pool & Clarkson Pool: MacLennan Jaunkalns Architects
Outdoor Pools: Moffet and Duncan Architects

Malton Pool & Clarkson Pool: PCL Constructors
Outdoor Pools: PCL Constructors

According to the City of Mississauga's Strategic Plan, one of the City's strategic goals is to build and maintain its infrastructure for its citizens and for generations to come. A sound, functional and attractive infrastructure is integral in completing its neighbourhoods, as we build a City for the 21st century.

Studies show that swimming is one of the most popular leisure activities with 90 per cent of children/youth and 56 per cent of the adult population participating. City-wide population projections show a deficit in aquatic services over the next five years.

The existing indoor Clarkson and Malton pools, which each average 40,000 visits per year, are reaching a life-cycle stage requiring significant capital repair and rehabilitation. Replacement pools will offer an aquatic feature to enhance the appeal of the community centres in these neighbourhoods.

The outdoor pools range in age from 33 to 56 years old. Despite vigorous maintenance programs, these pools have reached a stage of lifecycle where significant capital repair and rehabilitation are required. Therefore, necessary pool tank repairs, deck rehabilitation and building renovation will significantly expand the pools' lifespan.

The existing Clarkson Pool located at Clarkson Secondary School will be replaced with a new 25 metre lap pool and a warmwater therapy/leisure pool attached to the Clarkson Community Centre and Library. The existing Malton Pool located at Lincoln Alexander Secondary School will be replaced with a new leisure pool and therapy pool attached to the Malton Community Centre and Library.

Investing in the two new leisure oriented indoor pools attached to multi-use community centres will generate a number of benefits for the community including energy efficient systems which will allow a reduction in energy consumption and improved efficiencies; accessible facilities that meet current standards; double the number of pool uses (to 80,000 uses per year); better service changing demographics; enhance the appeal of the existing facility; increase the number of visits to the community centre and library sections of the facility; and, continue to service nearby student populations.

Re-investing in the six outdoor pools will reduce energy consumption and improve water usage efficiency through necessary repairs to the pool tank and filtration system; improve accessibility and meet current standards; provide a shaded area for patrons; continue to provide a facility that can meet the demands of changing demographics; enhance the appeal of the existing facility; and, increase the number of visits due to the modern design and amenities.

Through planned improvements, the lifespan of the outdoor pools is expected to increase by a minimum of 25 years.

For a glimpse of the project drawings, please click on the pool below
Clarkson Pool
Lewis Bradley Pool
Port Credit Pool
David Ramsey Pool
Applewood Pool
Streetsville Pool
Malton Pool
Erindale Pool

Construction Completed