New Sidewalk Construction

New Sidewalk Construction

Estimated Cost
$2.4 million

VBN Paving Limited

According to the City of Mississauga's Strategic Plan, one of the City's strategic goals is to build and maintain its infrastructure for its citizens and for generations to come. A sound, functional and attractive infrastructure is integral in completing its neighbourhoods, as we build a City for the 21st century.

New sections of sidewalks are required to meet provincial guidelines for a fully accessible transit network.

This project will result in a fully accessible sidewalk network to all transit stops. Benefits include pedestrian safety and accessibility for all transit users. As part of the City's multi-modal transportation network, the project also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases (transit-supportive) and active transportation (public health benefits).

Constuction Completed


  • Bonhill Road South: Van Deemter Court to Neetherhart Road
  • Britannia Road South: Avebury Road to Hurontario Street
  • Britannia Road South: Ninth Line to Tenth Line
  • Britannia Road South: Winston Churchill Boulevard to Greensboro Drive
  • Brunel Road North: Kennedy Road to Whittle Road
  • Cardiff Boulevard North/South: Derry Road to Lormiar Drive (west leg)
  • Columbus Road East: Midway Boulevard to Derry Road
  • Derry Road South: Edwards Boulevard to Airport Road
  • Derry Road South: McLaughlin Road to Hurontario Street
  • Dixie Road West: Crestlawn Drive to Hickory Drive
  • Freemount Boulevard East: Britannia Road to Cantay Road
  • Hadwen Road West: Meyerside Drive to Bonhill Road
  • Kennedy Road East: Coopers Avenue to Brunel Road
  • Meyerside Drive North: Netherhart Road to Bonhill Road
  • Midway Boulevard South: Columbus Road to Dixie Road