Pathway Paving and Lighting Rehabilitation

Pathway Paving and Lighting Rehabilitation

Estimated Cost
$14.5 million

Jain & Associates

Hermans Contracting
Mopal Construction

Aluminous Lighting Products and Spectalume Lighting

According to the City of Mississauga's Strategic Plan, one of the City's strategic goals is to build and maintain its infrastructure for its citizens and for generations to come. A sound, functional and attractive infrastructure is integral in completing its neighbourhoods, as we build a City for the 21st century.

Lighted pathways within the parks system are used by pedestrians, cyclists, roller bladers and serve as pedestrian linkages connecting centre of activity, such a schools, public facilities, natural areas, institutions, shopping centres and connections to transportation routes.

Light standards along the City's parks and trails are past their serviceable life. Some surfaces of pathways are deteriorating and are in need of repair or complete replacement.

The electrical lighting infrastructure will be replaced, including underground wiring and conduit, poles, ballasts, bulb fixtures, etc. Rehabilitation of the pathway will involve reconstruction of pathway drainage and asphalt surface.

The refurbished lighted pathways will provide safe park access and encourage participation in leisure and recreation activities within park settings.

High efficiency bulbs and ballasts with code compliant supply systems will reduce energy consumption.

This project has environmental and safety benefits such as energy savings and avoiding hazardous situations.

Construction Completed


  • Arbour Green
  • Beechwood Park
  • Ben Machree Park
  • Bloor Athletic Field
  • Bonnie Brea Greenbelt
  • Brandon Gate Park
  • Brentwood Park
  • Brookmede Park
  • Burnhamthorpe Library Grounds
  • Derry Greenway Greenbelt Park
  • Douglas Kennedy Park
  • Eden Woods
  • Edengrove Park
  • Elmcreek Park
  • Fred Halliday Memorial Park
  • Glen Eden Park
  • Glendenning Park
  • Golden Orchard Park
  • Gordon Lummiss Park
  • Hawkins Glen Park
  • Hiawatha Park
  • Huron Park
  • J.C. Saddington Park
  • J.J. Plause Park
  • Kennedy Park
  • Kindree Gate
  • Kings Masting Park
  • Kogaydiwin Trail
  • Lake Aquitaine Park
  • Lake Aquitaine Trail
  • Lake Wabukayne
  • McCauley Green Park
  • McKenzie Park
  • Meadow Green
  • Meadowvale Sports Park
  • Millgrove Park
  • Millgrove Trail
  • Northwood Park
  • Pinecliff Greenbelt Park
  • Pinetree Grove Park
  • Plowmans Park
  • Promenade Meadows
  • Rathwood District Park
  • Rayfield Park
  • Richard F.C. Mortenson Park
  • Richards Memorial Park
  • Sandgate Park
  • Sawmill Valley Trail
  • Serson Park
  • Settlers Green
  • Shalebank Hollow
  • Shaver Trail
  • Shelby Park
  • Sheridan Creek Trail
  • Springbank Meadows
  • Springfield Park
  • Spruce Park
  • Stillmeadows Park
  • Stonebrook Park
  • Taffey Park
  • Thornlodge Park
  • Trappers Green
  • Turney Woods
  • Wakefield Common Park
  • Westwood Park
  • Wildwood Park
  • Windwood Park
  • Windy Hollow
  • Woodeden Park
  • Woodgreen Park
  • Woodhurst Heights
  • Woodington Green
  • Woodland Chase Park