Revitalization of the Downtown Square

Revitalization of the Downtown Square

Estimated Cost
$40 million

CS&P Architects

PCL Constructors

According to the City of Mississauga's Strategic Plan, one of the City's strategic goals is to build and maintain its infrastructure for its citizens and for generations to come. A sound, functional and attractive infrastructure is integral in completing its neighbourhoods, as we build a City for the 21st century.

The City's Civic Square is the premier location for large events, connecting residents and community groups through arts, culture and heritage. The "My Mississauga" Events Program including Canada Day attracted over 250,000 residents in 2008.

Existing physical and mechanical infrastructure including the outdoor skating rink, fountain, waterfall and waterproof membrane are at life expectancy. Constructed as two separate spaces separated by City Centre Drive, the square is not capable of supporting large events. Performance infrastructure including stage, sound and lighting are inadequate.

The City Centre has seen significant residential growth over the past five years creating a more vibrant downtown. Revitalization of the square has been proposed following extensive public consultation. An aging infrastructure will be replaced, including the skating rink and fountain and the Civic Square will be developed as an outdoor community centre with amenities to support "My Mississauga" cultural and heritage events. Based on the design concept, the square is expected to achieve recognition as one of the great public spaces in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The principles of placemaking have been incorporated in the design. The plan provides for one large square, an interactive water feature converting to a skating rink in winter, a permanent stage with performance infrastructure, a market area to support cultural events, and upgrades to the amphitheatre to address deficiencies.
A linear digital media wall in line with the permanent stage will support events, provide interactive art capability and opportunity for commercial advertising. The design will incorporate improved access to City Hall and linking of events on the square to the Great Hall and the Central Library.

Design Concept/Features

One Larger Square

  • Link the two squares together by removing sections of existing walls at the southern edge of the Civic Square and improving the grade transitions by redesigning the steps from the Square to the City Centre Drive Boulevard
  • Redesign City Centre Drive as a street through a pedestrian precinct to serve as a route that moves vehicular traffic that can be easily closed during event programming

Expansion of the Skating Rink

  • Double the size of the existing ice surface on the square and replace the existing outdated ice refrigeration unit with new dependable ice-making technology to allow a longer skating season and greater certainty to maintain ice during the season

Interactive Water Feature

  • Replace the existing reflecting pool on the Civic Square with a zero-edge water feature, meaning that the surface of the new water feature will be at the same grade as the surrounding square, using recessed water jets provided, thereby maximizing flexible use and programming of the square

Redeveloped Amphitheatre

  • Open up the amphitheatre by removing walls that currently separate it from the square and raising the low floor to connect it with the redesigned square; construct washrooms and a greenroom to support regular event programming for up to 350 people and install a permanent shade structure

Large Open Lawn

  • Reconfigure the lawn surface on the Central Library Square at a level grade condition with proper drainage to host activities

Permanent Stage

  • Develop a permanent outdoor stage with a sound system at the southern boundary of the Central Library Square to support My Mississauga event programming and all major event programming year round. This location would require the removal of the existing water fountains.

Media Wall

  • Install a media wall along the southern boundary of the Central Library Square, which could incorporate programmable and interactive digital arts

Market Area

  • Establish an area for a variety of specialized seasonal open air markets with approximately 40 vending stalls on the Central Library Square (a section of the market area will be protected by a permanent open-sided roof structure - any new market development would be done in consultation with the Mississauga Central Lion's Club

For a glimpse of the new Civic Square click on:
Civic Square Project Overview

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