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Fund and Grow Public Transit

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Residents have identified Transit as the City's number one priority issue. Having a reliable transportation infrastructure is important and the City is working to build reliable, sustainable, and cost effective transit to help citizens improve their quality of life.

Since our last provincial election, the City has worked alongside its partners to build ridership on the bus system, maintain and green the City's fleet and facilities, work with adjacent municipalities to provide inter-jurisdictional connections, and more recently, develop higher-order public transit systems that will move people faster, connect to regionally significant nodes and other transit systems, and help decrease car congestion.

Mississauga's goal is to double the transit ridership from 11% to 22%. To achieve this objective, the City will require new infrastructure such as higher-order systems and mobility hubs, improve travel times, develop parking strategies that support transit, and direct growth to support public transit. The City cannot fund transit initiatives alone. We must look to our provincial partners for assistance. 

One of the City's central concerns is funding for the proposed Hurontario/Main Light Rail Transit, which is a high priority project of the Metrolinx Plan. The project's capital cost is estimated at $1.345 mil.; funding will be needed from the provincial and federal governments to assist in the development of this important regional higher-order transit system.


The question that provincial political parties should answer is:

What actions will your party take to help fund and grow transit? Will your party commit to financial support of the Mississauga LRT?

If you wish to read more on this topic, please refer to the corporate report entitled "Provincial Election 2011:  Summary of Key Issues for the City of Mississauga"  (pages 3-7)