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LED Street Lighting Project Conserves Energy at Halfway Point

Dec 19, 2013

One year into the two-year project and the installation of 49,600 of Mississauga’s new street lights is nearly halfway completed and already conserving energy.

The conversion of street lights from the yellow-orange colour of traditional street lights to the more natural white light source of Light Emitting Diode (LED) began in early 2013. Almost a year later, work crews have installed almost 21,000 LED street lights.

“We have already noticed energy consumption reductions for the City of Mississauga,” said Al Sousa, manager, Traffic Engineering and Operations. “In October 2013 there was an energy reduction of 404,585 kilowatt hours compared to October 2012. This amount is more than the energy used to operate the four ice rinks at the City’s Iceland facility for one month.”

Sousa added that in addition to energy reductions, there have been numerous positive comments on the new LED street lighting from residents throughout the city.

As new street lights continue to be installed until December 2014, residents may notice the LED street lights sometimes stay on during the day. This occurs whenever the LED light fixture temporarily loses connection with the gateway which provides wireless communication and control for the system. As a safety measure, the lights are programmed to stay on to ensure streets are lit at night. Once all areas in the city are converted to LED lights, this temporary safety measure will be corrected.

When the LED installation project is completed in December 2014, the City will reduce its carbon footprint by saving 55 per cent in energy costs and have a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

“Our new LED street lights reduce the amount of light pollution and this reduced amount of sky glow can already be noticed when flying over the city,” said Sousa.

Twittercue: Almost half of Mississauga’s streets lights are now lit with the more natural white light of LED and already conserving energy.

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