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Proposed Bylaw Changes Banning Sale and Ownership of Exotic Pets

May 28, 2014

Today, at General Committee, City Council considered bylaw changes to ban the sale and ownership of dangerous exotic pets in Mississauga.

"The proposed changes to the bylaw will help protect the public and promote responsible pet ownership," said Mickey Frost, director Enforcement. "Staff researched and contacted representatives from the exotic pet industry and experts in the field of reptiles and other exotic animals to make changes to the bylaw."

City staff consulted experts from Toronto Zoo, exotic pet industry and a Canadian association of reptile and amphibian keepers to identify dangerous exotics. These animals are now included on the bylaw's Schedule A with other prohibited animals.

Frost explained listing prohibited animals is the main change in the bylaw; the previous bylaw included restricting size, length and categories of venomous or poisonous. "There are many definitions of poisonous and venomous," said Frost. "To provide clear information for residents, the City is using a clearly defined list of prohibited animals."

Bylaw changes would be in effect June 2014. The proposed bylaw amendments will go to Council for final approval next week.

For more information read: Proposed amendments to the Animal Care and Control By-law 98-04, as amended, Regarding the Sale and Ownership of Exotic Animals: Schedule of prohibited pets

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