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Standards of Care to Protect Pets in effect December 1

Nov 25, 2014

The new standards of care in the Animal Care and Control By-law for keeping animals outside for long periods; tethering; on doghouses and pens will be in effect as of December 1, 2014. Standards related to extreme weather and Animal Services staff authorization to enter on to private lands took effect September 10, 2014.

“With the winter season pet owners are especially reminded to monitor weather conditions using sources such as Environment Canada for weather alerts and to bring their pets in during extreme weather,” said Mickey Frost, director Enforcement. “The City will be using social media to remind residents and including a notice that the bylaw is in effect during extreme conditions.”

Standards of Care Summary
Animal Care and Control By-law 0098-04 

Extreme Weather
• Pets cannot be left outdoors during extreme weather
except for brief walks or exercise unless the animal has
access to adequate shelter. Some breeds can live
outside during winter with proper shelter.

Adequate Shelter – Doghouses
• Doghouses must be large enough for the dog to stand up,
turn around, lie down and stretch its limbs to the fullest.
• The doghouse floor, ceiling and walls must be insulated.
Insulation must be covered with interior walls to prevent
the dog from having contact with the insulation.
• The doghouse must be safe, sanitary and in good repair
with ample clean, dry bedding such as straw.
• The doghouse must have a suitable door flap for the
winter months. During the summer months a dog must
have access to shade - in addition to the doghouse.
• The doghouse must comply with the City's Zoning By-law.

Veterinary Care
• Owners must provide
veterinary care to pets to
relieve distress from injury
neglect or disease.

Pens and Enclosures
• Must be a minimum of 9.3 m2 or 100 ft2 per dog.
• To be increased by 2.8 m2 or 30 ft2 for each additional dog.
• Animals must be out of the pen and not tethered for
four hours in any 24 hour time period.
• Pens must be maintained in a sanitary condition with
a dry area for the dog to lie down.
• Pens must be safe, secure and provide shade and
shelter for the dog.

• Animals must not be tethered for any longer than a total
of four hours out of every 24 hours.
• Tethers must be at least 3 m or 9.84 ft allowing the dog
to move safely and unrestricted. The animal is to be in
view of the owner with access to appropriate food,
water, shelter and shade.

Automobile Travel
• Animals cannot be left unattended in automobiles if
weather conditions are not suitable and may cause
the animal distress.
• Animals must have suitable ventilation and be restrained
to prevent contact between the animal and the public.
• Animals travelling in automobiles must be in the passenger
compartment of the vehicle or if outside must be in a
securely fastened kennel that provides adequate
ventilation and protects the animal from the elements.

For More information

Read the corporate Report, Aninmal Standards of Care
Contact Animal Services at 905-896-5858

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