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Using Fireworks Safely on Victoria Day and Canada Day

May 15, 2015

If you are planning to use fireworks on Victoria Day think safety first and take time to review the City’s fireworks By-law 0293-2001.

Did you know that fireworks can only be set off on two statutory holidays - Victoria Day and Canada Day or on a day for which a permit has been issued by the Fire Chief and only on the property listed within the permit.

• Fireworks cannot be set off on a public street or roadway. 
• Fireworks can only be set off in a park if a permit is obtained from the Fire Chief.
• Fireworks should only be purchased from a licensed retailer permitted to sell fireworks to the general public within the City of Mississauga as per By-law 1-06 and By-law 340-01.

According to Jamie Zimmerman, Assistant Chief, Fire Prevention and Life Safety, residents should use extra caution when setting off fireworks and always have a bucket of sand, a supply of water and a working fire extinguisher nearby. Set up fireworks in an open space and check the surrounding area for fire hazards. Place each firework in a pail of sand before lighting and keep at a safe distance from the fireworks.

For more tips on firework safety, contact the Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services, Fire Prevention and Life Safety team at 905-896-5908 or visit MFES online.