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Get your Feet in the Game - City Launches New FootGolf Course

Jun 04, 2015


Drop by the Academy at BraeBen golf course to test out the newly designed FootGolf course. This nine-hole course is the first of its kind in Mississauga and encourages residents to adopt active and healthy lifestyles while trying out a new and diverse sport.

Cutline: FootGolf is a new and exciting sport that is perfect for individual or group play.

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Cutline: The objective of FootGolf is to sink a soccer ball into a 21-inch cup in as few shots as possible.

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Cutline: FootGolf is played with a regulation five soccer ball. The soccer ball is kicked from the tee blocks with a goal of reaching the hole in the fewest kicks possible.

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Cutline:  Dick Howard, former Canadian international soccer goalkeeper and a member of the Soccer Hall of Fame, is an avid FootGolf player and spokesperson for the Canadian FootGolf Association (CFGA).

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Cutline: Grade 5 students from Huntington Ridge Public School enjoy a round of FootGolf.

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Tweet:  Grade 5 students from @HuntingtonRidg1 Public School enjoyed a round of #FootGolf.

Cutline: Soccer balls are available for rent or players are welcome to bring their own size five soccer ball.

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FootGolf at the Academy at BraeBen:
FootGolf times will be available to book Thursdays from 4 to 7 p.m. and on Sundays from noon to 7 p.m.

Nine-holes of FootGolf at the Academy at BraeBen costs:

  • $15 for juniors (18 years and under)
  • $20 for seniors (60 years and older) 
  • $25 for adults.
  • Family FootGolf rates are also available

Cutline: So why not grab your running shoes and get your feet in the game! Enjoy nine-holes of the Academy at BraeBen!

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Tweet: City launches FootGolf at the Academy at BraeBen golf course:

For more information about the Academy at BraeBen golf course, please visit


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