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World Environment Day: Sharing responsibility in protecting our planet

Jun 05, 2015

June 5 is World Environment Day (WED)

The City of Mississauga is encouraging individuals to take positive environmental actions to preserve, protect and restore the environment. This year’s WED themes include resource efficiency and sustainable consumption.

The City promotes and offers a variety of events, programs and initiatives throughout the year that raise awareness about the environment and sustainable practices.

Resource Efficiency:
•  Litter Clean-ups
•  Five Year Energy Conservation Plan
•  LED Street Lighting Project
•  MiWay Environment
•  One Million Trees
•  Significant Trees

Sustainable Consumption:
• Grown in Peel
• Community Gardens
• Earth Market
• City hosted Farmers Market

The City of Mississauga is becoming a world-class green city that empowers people to take environmental action. The City has a number of environmental programs, initiatives, and activities that it promotes year round to increase the awareness, participation and action on important environmental issues. Examples include:

Transportation: The City has invested in transit that supports reduced car use, more efficient travel options and reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs).

• Mississauga Transitway
• Cycling
• Smart Commute Mississauga (partnership with Sustain Mobility)

Natural Areas: The City has numerous programs and plans in place to ensure that natural areas and urban forests in Mississauga are protected, enhanced, restored and expanded.

• Credit River Parks Strategy
• Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan
• Natural Area Enhancement & Restoration
• Natural Heritage and Urban Forestry Strategy

Water: Through stormwater management, there are measures in place that residents and the City use minimize stormwater pollution.

• Stormwater Management

Waste: The City provides waste reduction and recycling programs to residents in City facilities (libraries, community centres, and parks) and along our roadways. Programs such as Battery Recycling have collected more than one tonne of used batteries in just six months – the equivalent to a small compact car!

• Battery Recycling
• Don’t be a Litterbug

Air: The City is contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

• Idle-Free
• Greening our Fleet

For more information about the City’s environment programs and initiatives, please visit:

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