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Nicole Hanson wins Phil Green Recognition Award

Sep 13, 2017

Today, Mississauga City Council awarded Nicole Hanson the 2016 Phil Green Recognition Award. The Mississauga resident is a strong advocate for active transportation in the city.

The Phil Green Recognition Award is presented annually by the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC) to a person or persons who have promoted and furthered cycling or other forms of sustainable transportation.

“Nicole is an inspiration and role model for the everyday cyclist. She rides this one-of-a-kind bike bursting with plastic flowers to get people smiling,” said Donnie Morris, Chair of the MCAC. “Hanson has been riding her bike since she was six-years old and continues to explore new routes to navigate around the city.”

Morris explained that Hanson can be seen riding her commuter bike along the Lakefront Promenade and is extremely passionate about furthering active transportation options in the Lakeview and Cooksville neighbourhoods where she grew up.

“We encourage more residents to showcase their cycling passion just like Nicole Hanson who is a strong advocate for increasing cycling as an alternative mode of transportation across Mississauga,” said Helen Noehammer, Director of Transportation and Infrastructure Planning.

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