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City Clerk Certifies Mississauga's 2018 Municipal Election Results

Oct 26, 2018

Mississauga's official results of the 2018 Municipal Election were certified today by City Clerk and Director of Legislative Services, Diana Rusnov.

Mayor-elect Bonnie Crombie has been re-elected for her second term, receiving 91,422 votes, 76.7 per cent – the majority of the vote.

A total of 119,229 voters cast ballots.

Visit for a detailed breakdown of the results.

Ward Councillors:
Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko received 4,484 votes
Ward 2 Councillor Karen Ras received 7,820 votes
Ward 3 Councillor Chris Fonseca received 8,337 votes
Ward 4 Councillor John Kovac received 5,818 votes
Ward 5 Councillor Carolyn Parrish received 6,798 votes
Ward 6 Councillor Ron Starr received 4,859 votes
Ward 7 Councillor Dipika Damerla received 4,566 votes
Ward 8 Councillor Matt Mahoney received 9,979 votes
Ward 9 Councillor Pat Saito received 7,732 votes
Ward 10 Councillor Sue McFadden received 10,438 votes
Ward 11 Councillor George Carlson received 6,581 votes

School Board Trustee English Public:
Trustee English Public John Marchant Ward 1 and 7 received 2,422 votes
Trustee English Public Brad MacDonald Ward 2 and 8 received 6,265 votes
Trustee English Public Sue Lawton Ward 3 and 4 received 5,588 votes
Trustee English Public Susan Benjamin Ward 5 received 2,781 votes
Trustee English Public Robert Crocker Ward 6 and 11 received 4,253 votes
Trustee English Public Nokha Dakroub Ward 9 and 10 received 6,146 votes

School Board Trustee English Separate:
Trustee English Separate Mario Pascucci Ward 1 and 3 was elected by acclamation
Trustee English Separate Sharon M. Hobin Ward 2 and 8 received 3,986 votes
Trustee English Separate Stefano Pascucci Ward 4 received 1,212 votes
Trustee English Separate Thomas Thomas Ward 5 received 1,664 votes
Trustee English Separate Luz Del Rosario Ward 6 and 11 received 5,213 votes
Trustee English Separate Bruno Iannicca Ward 7 was elected by acclamation
Trustee English Separate Brea Corbet Ward 9 and 10 received 2,245 votes

School Board Trustee French Public:
Trustee French Public Yvon Rochefort received 838 votes, which includes votes from the City of Brampton and Town of Caledon as this is a Region-wide position.

School Board Trustee French Separate:
Trustee French Separate Donald Blais Citywide received 235 votes.


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