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At the September 11, General Committee meeting, staff presented flood mitigation and process improvement recommendations based on the July 8, 2013 storm when the City of Mississauga experienced unprecedented rainfall that overwhelmed the storm drainage system's capacity.


July 8, 2013 Storm Event Update – Transportation and Works
Community Services Storm Damage
Debrief of July 8th Storm: Public Information and Customer Service (3-1-1)
Credit Valley Conservation Presentation: July 8th Storm Adapting to New Weather Realities


Home and Business insurance coverage for water damage can differ among insurance companies, so be sure to talk to your insurance representative about your specific coverage details. Click here for further details.

If you have concerns regarding the handling of your insurance claim, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is the national industry association representing Canada's private home, car and business insurers.  They can assist in providing answers or assistance with insurance questions.  They can be contacted via the IBC Ontario Consumer Information Centres at:
or visit the IBC's website at

The Ombudsman is an independent Office of the Legislature who investigates complaints from the public about Ontario Government services. If you would like to file a complaint with the Office of the Insurance Ombudsman please visit their website at


Updated August 23, 2013

Waiving the building permit fee for the installation of backwater valves
At a Special Council Meeting on July 30, 2013, Mississauga City Council passed a resolution waiving the building permit fee for the installation of backwater valves for residents affected by the flood on July 8, 2013.

If you are considering the installation of a backwater valve to reduce the risk of sanitary sewer
back-up in your home, please refer to the ‘Handbook for Reducing Basement Flooding' by the
Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) by visiting  This information will assist you in making a well-informed decision.

For more information regarding the backwater valve permit process, refer to the Planning and Building Department's website.

Special Council Meeting - July 30, 2013

At a Special Council Meeting today a report entitled Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program Application was received by Council.   Council passed a resolution requesting that the City of Mississauga or part thereof be declared a disaster area.  An additional resolution that Council waives the building permit fee for the installation of backwater valves for residents affected by the flood on July 8, 2013 was also passed.  See attached resolutions.  For complete details, please refer to the corporate report.

Resolution Requesting Disaster Relief Funding - July 26, 2013
City of Mississauga asks Province for Disaster Relief Funding.

The City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel Need Your Flooding Information
The City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel have worked closely to provide residents with a coordinated effort in relation to flooding that occurred during the Monday, July 8 storm. Residents who have not yet reported flooding in their basement are encouraged to contact the Region of Peel at 905-791-7800 ext. 4409 or the City's 3-1-1 Call Centre and when prompted dial 1. City and Regional staff need your help to determine the causes of flooding so we can assess next steps. Regional staff will attend residents' homes that have experienced basement flooding as a result of the July 8 incident and will conduct a survey with the homeowner. 
Please note - Applications for funding will be not accepted until the Province responds to the City's request for ODRAP funding. 

The City continues to inspect/repair storm damage from the July 8 storm.
The City is currently inspecting or has completed inspection and repair of critical areas of the City's infrastructure.

City staff has inspected a number of watercourses hardest hit by the July 8 storm including Cooksville Creek, Little Etobicoke Creek, Serson Creek and Applewood Creek.  In addition, staff has inspected locations where calls were received related to storm sewers and road drains.  The clearing of debris and fallen trees is currently taking place.  Staff is working with Conservation Authorities where repairs in creeks are required.  Storm sewer inlets and outlets have been inspected and cleared of debris.

Repairs to the south side of Burnhamthorpe Road East at Cooksville Creek are complete and the road is fully open. The sidewalk replacement will be completed later as part of a capital project. 

Road maintenance including street sweeping and sinkhole repairs has been completed.

All City park trails and facilities are fully operational except for the following:

  • All but a small section of Cooksville Creek Trail between Burnhamthorpe Road and Mississauga Valley Blvd. is now open to the public. Major clean-up and restoration to the pathway that was washed out during the storm has now been completed. A small section of the pathway south of Mississauga Valley Blvd. and southwest of the Mississauga Valley Community Centre but just north of the pedestrian bridge still requires minor pathway repairs set to be completed after the Labour Day weekend, weather permitting.
  • Etobicoke Creek Trail remains closed between Sismet Road and Britannia Road. Repairs to this area are expected to be complete by the end of August, weather permitting. A portion of the pathway between Eglinton Ave. to Matheson Blvd. were completed two weeks ago and re-opened.

Video - Mayor McCallion Regarding July 8, 2013 Storm

Waste Collection
Region of Peel:
Peel's two-bag collection limit resumes Aug. 6. Residents with flood-related waste items will still be collected during the week of July 29. These items will be collected on regular collection days. Also, additional collection vehicles may be dispatched periodically on non-collection days to handle waste remaining at the curb. 
In addition, all Peel Region Community Recycling Centres will be waiving tipping fees for flood-related waste to assist residents with their clean-up efforts.  Residents are encouraged to visit Fewster Community Recycling Centre as it is better equipped to handle additional traffic. Locations and hours of operations are listed at
All Household Hazardous Waste can to be taken to a Community Recycling Centre for safe disposal, free of charge. Household hazardous waste must not be included in garbage or recycling collection, or poured down the drain. Some household hazardous waste can be dropped off at participating retail stores and service stations. Visit to find a location.

Enbridge Gas Update
If your gas appliances have come into contact with water call your service provider or a licensed HVAC. You can locate a contractor through the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada website at or in the phone book under Heating Contractors or Appliances - Sales & Services.
If your sewer line is blocked, before doing any work to clear it beyond the outside walls of a building, call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 to request a free Natural Gas Sewer Safety Inspection.
Remember that just because there is no more visible water, doesn't mean your appliances are safe to use.