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Council Approves Changes to MiWay Fares as of January 2014

Oct 09, 2013

City Council approved changes to MiWay’s 2014 fares today. To offset cost pressures in the 2014 transit budget, some fares will increase on January 27, 2014, along with an emphasis on moving toward PRESTO as a method of payment.

In an effort to encourage PRESTO use, the adult weekly pass will be discontinued effective January 27, 2014. Customers can use the PRESTO fare card in its place and take advantage of the weekly loyalty program discount. Learn more at:

The student fare structure is being changed to include high school students only. The student and child categories will remain frozen at the current rate for two more years. Cash fares will remain the same.
A new fare category is being introduced for post-secondary students that will only be available through the PRESTO fare card. This will align MiWay’s fares with other Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) transit fares. Private college students will be included as part of this new category. A phased fare increase over four years will align post-secondary fares to match adult fares by 2017.
Fare Changes:

Type of Fare
2014 Fare
Cash Fare
no change
Student High School Tickets
no change
Student High School Monthly Pass
no change
Student Post-Secondary PRESTO only
no change
(Jan. 27, 2014)
Student Post-Secondary PRESTO only
20 cent increase
(May 1, 2014)
Child Tickets
no change
Adult Ticket 
10 cents increase
Adult Weekly Pass
Adult Monthly Pass
no change
Senior Ticket
five cent increase
Senior Monthly Pass
$3 increase/month
Senior Annual Pass
$30 increase/year
GO Co-Fare –Cash/PRESTO
no change