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Mississauga Council Endorses Respectful Workplace Policy

May 24, 2007

City Council passed a Respectful Workplace policy this week to continue to promote an environment where everyone can work, volunteer, learn and participate with respect and dignity.

“As an employer of choice, we integrate respect for each other into everything we do,” says City Manager and CAO Janice Baker. “We want to ensure that our employees, public officials, and all those that interact with the City of Mississauga, continue to respect the individual qualities, characteristics and differences of others.”

Commissioner of Corporate Services and Treasurer Brenda Breault explained that the revised policy incorporates provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code and goes beyond these through the recognition of bullying as an unacceptable behaviour in a respectful workplace.

“We have added and defined bullying in our policy; provided greater clarity in the City’s formal and informal complaints resolution process; and outlined resources available to our employees,” said Breault. “We are providing respectful workplace training to all employees so that they gain a consistent understanding of their role in maintaining and promoting a climate of respect within the workplace.”

After researching and benchmarking, the City’s Human Resources Division established a validation group that included Human Resources, Legal Services, Corporate Communications and departmental representation in order to provide employee perspectives into the policy and support strategy.

Breault explained that there were several factors considered in the enhancement of the policy. “A key driver was the promotion of a work environment free from harassment and discrimination built upon the City’s values of trust, quality and excellence,” said Breault.  “More and more, organizations are focussing on integrating their respectful workplace initiatives into their strategic priorities.”

Baker added: “We have laid the foundations for a respectful workplace and continue to build on our successes. This is most important to us as the senior leadership team of the City as well as to our Council.”

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