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John McDougall
Message from: Fire Chief John McDougall, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services

Jun 19, 2009

As the Fire Chief of Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services, it is important that I address the inaccuracies recently reported in the media about the fire service being "undermanned" and "desperate" for firefighters.

Let me be clear: there is no shortage of firefighters in Mississauga and a need for firefighters is not correct. Please be assured that at no time is the public at risk.

It is also inaccurate to say we are understaffed. Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services is routinely staffed at four per truck. We have 20 fire stations city-wide and a minimum of one vehicle staffed with four persons at each location on every shift, ready to respond.

When a 911 fire call is received, we dispatch multiple vehicles such that the arrival time of the vehicles is simultaneous and so that we ensure we have adequate staffing to fight the fire.

We have the best people with the best training and the best equipment. Our approach is always to assemble a team to respond to an emergency in a timely manner. Three persons on a truck can address 99 per cent of emergency calls including vehicle accidents and medical aid. Fire calls represent one per cent of our calls (approximately 325 in 2008).

We are one of the leading fire services in Canada with a superior record of life saving. The safety of our citizens and our employees is our main priority.


John McDougall
Fire Chief, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services

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