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Building a Youth-Friendly City: Mississauga City Council Endorses New Youth Plan

Jul 09, 2009

Yesterday, Mississauga City Council officially endorsed the new Youth Plan that aims to make Mississauga a youth-friendly city.

"The Youth Plan is a commitment to action," said Sheila Wilson, manager Community Programs. "It is a plan developed by Mississauga youth for Mississauga youth. The goal was to create a youth action team to develop diverse, strong leaders in Mississauga who could remain involved to assist with the implementation of the plan - and we’ve definitely achieved our goal."

The plan targets youth aged 12 to 24 years and breaks the age range into three categories: 12 to 15 years; 16 to 18 years and 19 to 24 years. It consists of a vision statement, six guiding values, five over-arching principles under which the plan’s 46 recommendations are categorized and an implementation plan with time lines and projected financial impacts.

"The Youth Plan links into the City's strategic plan under the pillar of 'Ensuring Youth, Older Adults and New Immigrants Thrive'," said John Lohuis, director of Recreation and Parks. "It also builds upon and links into the work being done through our Future Directions and Arts and Culture master plans and the Region of Peel’s youth initiatives."

Implementation of the Youth Plan will happen over the next five years. Wilson explained Council has approved the recommendations in principle and those requiring significant financial or policy implications will be prioritized through the City’s corporate business planning process.

"The Youth Plan's primary scope focussed on Library, Recreation and Parks and Arts and Culture programs," said Don Mills, director of Library Services. "To succeed in making Mississauga a youth-friendly city, we need to look more broadly than just our own programs and services. We need to actively work with all segments of our community that deliver youth services and programming."

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