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Mississauga Welcomes Bill 34 Assistance to Collect Provincial Offences Act Fines Owed to the City

Apr 03, 2013

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion welcomes Bill 34 – amending the Highway Traffic Act and Provincial Offences Act which if passed will add to the list of offences that will deny licence plates to drivers with unpaid traffic related fines owed to the City. Offences such as speeding, improper lane changes, illegal turns, driving with no insurance and careless driving as well charges to out-of-province drivers who run red lights and fail to stop for school buses will fall under this legislation.

"Bill 34 represents a very necessary amendment of the Highway Traffic Act and Provincial Offences Act for municipalities that operate Provincial Offences Courts and will improve the administration of justice in Ontario," said Mayor Hazel McCallion. "When the responsibility for the operation of the Provincial Offences Court function was transferred to the City in 1999, almost $13 million in provincial offences fines were in default with few resources to recover them. Cities were mandated to operate these facilities without adequate tools to enforce fine payments to help manage costs."

The City of Mississauga has $36.7 million in Provincial Offences Act (POA) fines in default (unpaid after 90 days) as of the end of January, 2013. Of this, $15 million represents traffic related fines which this legislation could assist in collecting. Bill 34, tabled in the Ontario Legislature this March, will support at least seven years of defaulted fines being included in the regulation.

A news release from The Ministry of Transportation reports unpaid fines related to the Highway Traffic Act and Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act account for approximately 70 per cent of the total amount of unpaid fines owed to municipalities. Fines owed to municipalities are increasing by an average of approximately $100 million a year.

Bill 34, Highway Traffic Statute Law Amendment Act, 2013

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