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Mississauga Updates Cell Tower Protocol

May 10, 2013

This week, City Council updated Mississauga’s telecommunications tower protocol.  The new protocol is largely unchanged, but revises provisions that deal with older, unused towers and towers less than 15 metres high. 

According to the new protocol outlined in a corporate report, the City may request that telecommunications companies conduct public consultations for towers under 15 metres high.  It also provides clearer direction for the industry about when the City is likely to request public consultations.  The protocol indicates that towers proposed for locations within 120 metres of a residential area will likely be the subject of a public consultation request.

The protocol also indicates the City’s desire to have towers that are not in use removed or re-purposed.  It sets a window of two years for telecommunications companies to deal with redundant towers once they have been identified.



The federal government regulates the telecommunications industry in Canada.   Municipalities can only comment in some cases on telecommunications service providers' plans for new towers.  Industry Canada’s regulations allow municipalities to develop protocols to guide the design, location and public consultation processes for telecommunications towers, but Industry Canada makes all final decisions.

The City enacted an interim telecommunications tower protocol in March 2012.  In November 2012, following consultations with industry representatives and resident organizations, a final protocol was approved by City Council.

Early in 2013, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) in partnership with the Canadian Wireless and Telecommunications Association (CWTA) released a template protocol and resources to help municipalities develop local protocols to deal with telecommunications towers and infrastructure.  The Mississauga protocol updates reflect suggestions from this template.


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