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Living Green Master Plan in action at the Hershey Centre

Jun 07, 2013

An innovative waste heat recovery system at the Hershey Centre implemented by Energy Management staff from the City of Mississauga's Facilities and Property Management Division is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 160 tons - equal to removing 48 cars from Mississauga roads per year.

How it Works - Waste Heat Recovery System

Waste heat is taken from the hot ammonia refrigerant used to make rink ice. This system recovers waste heat to preheat water and ventilation air. The recovered heat is used to preheat hot water for the facility's showers.

Additionally, the ice resurfacing machines for flooding the ice rink now use recovered hot water instead of heating cold municipal water. The total cost of $289,659 will be recovered in nine years.

Innovation in Action

The Energy Management project for the Hershey Centre was designed to enhance efficiency and ensure low operating costs with maximum heat recovery. Waste heat recovery is less common in retrofits to existing facilities such as the Hershey Centre due to complexity of design and space constraints.