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Proposed LED Street Lighting Retrofit Has Long Term Benefits

Dec 07, 2011

At today's City of Mississauga General Committee meeting a citywide retrofit of street lights was recommended by Transportation and Works. According to the corporate report, the new technology will result in a reduction of approximately 50 per cent in maintenance costs and a 55 per cent reduction in future energy consumption for street lighting.

"It's an upfront investment of $33.6 (net) million that will result in future cost savings," said Martin Powell, commissioner, Transportation and Works Department. "Moving toward citywide light emitting diode (LED) street lights is part of the living green initiative in our strategic plan as it relates to implementing more environmentally responsible approaches to conserving energy and reducing harmful gas emissions." Powell added that the City of Mississauga would be one of the first Canadian cities to implement a citywide LED lighting program.

As noted in the report entitled, City-Wide Street lighting Retrofit Program to Light Emitting Diode (LED) Street lights with a Street light Monitoring System, the LED street lighting retrofit will improve service levels as the result of a street light monitoring system that detects malfunctioning street lights multiple times a day and transmits this information wirelessly. LED street lights also offer increased safety to pedestrians and vehicles through better visibility and increases ability to see colours. They are also designed to greatly reduce light pollution in the sky.

The project will be financed by debt financing with energy savings more than offsetting debt servicing costs. The project has an estimated payback period to be about six years after its completion.

Slated to come before Council for approval on December 14, the project will take about two years to implement and commence in the summer of 2012.

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