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Mississauga Council gives green light to City’s Living Green Master Plan

Jan 18, 2012

Adoption of the Living Green Master Plan (LGMP) by Mississauga City Council today clears the way to begin implementation of Mississauga's first environmental master plan.

"There's a growing recognition that environmental sustainability, quality of life and economic prosperity are related features of the most successful communities," said Brenda Osborne, manager of Environment. "I am delighted that Council has adopted the Living Green Master Plan, making sustainable living a Mississauga priority."

As noted in the staff report to Council, the LGMP is the result of a collaborative process that included public consultation with a variety of stakeholders representing residents, businesses, civic leaders and city staff. This is reflected in the LGMP's strategic framework for action. There are 49 actions outlined in the document, captured under the headings of actions to set an example, encourage and compel others. The LGMP includes a Decision Support Process that was developed as a made-in-Mississauga approach to help staff work together to understand the environmental impact of decisions and actions.

According to Osborne, implementation of the LGMP will kick-off this spring with the launch of a marketing campaign aimed at mobilizing the community into action. Mississauga's new blog keeps stakeholders informed about the City's many environmental initiatives and key events throughout the year. The blog is accessible by visiting

As Canada's sixth largest city, Mississauga is home to 734,000 residents and 55,000 businesses, including 63 Fortune 500 companies with Canadian head offices or major divisional head offices. A diverse, progressive and award-winning municipality located on the shores of Lake Ontario in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga is "Leading Today for Tomorrow" by focussing on delivering services, implementing its Strategic Plan, delivering value for money, maintaining infrastructure and continuing to be an employer of choice.

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