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New City Planning and Building Fees Close in on True Costs

Apr 13, 2012

City planning and building fees in Mississauga are increasing to move the amounts charged closer to covering the true costs of processing applications. City Council passed the final bylaw required to make the changes on April 11. Building permit fees rose on April 12, while planning application fees will rise on May 1.

“We have to make sure our process is sustainable to be able to continue providing the oversight that people in Mississauga expect on planning and building matters,” said Ed Sajecki, Mississauga’s commissioner of Planning and Building. “These new fees, which better reflect the true costs of processing applications, will help us do that.”

The applications and permits that are most affected involve high-density residential developments, like apartments or condo buildings, as well as industrial and commercial developments. Fees for smaller projects, like home renovations, will see only small increases.

Sajecki explained that changes to the fees will help Mississauga deal with a ‘new normal’. The City is now seeing more complex applications involving infill, renovation and redevelopment. These applications take more staff time in departments across the City, to review and process, and often require public consultation. This is a change from planning and building applications in years past, when most applications submitted involved large suburban developments on previously unoccupied land.

The new fees were proposed after an exhaustive review revealed that the fees were not covering the costs the City incurred. The City conducted an information session in early February for professionals in the construction and development industry to ensure they were aware of the proposed changes. The proposed fee increases were presented to the City’s Planning and Development Committee on February 27.

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