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City of Mississauga to use Administrative Penalty System for parking and licensing offences

Jul 03, 2013

Today, Mississauga City Council approved an Administrative Penalty System to better enforce licensing and parking offences and provide the City with greater potential to collect fines. The first phase of the new system is expected to come into effect by 2014.

"An Administrative Penalty System provides more efficient enforcement of payment penalties owed to the City through incentives such as late fees, timely hearings and licence plate denial at an earlier stage," said Mickey Frost, director of Enforcement. "Under this approach the City will have greater potential to collect fines. The annual net benefit is expected to be about two times greater than the current system being used under the Provincial Offences Act (POA)."

Frost also noted current legislation does not permit the enforcement of accessible parking through an Administrative Penalty System. Council will pass a resolution requesting the Province of Ontario to amend Ontario Regulation 333/07 to allow for the enforcement of accessible parking through an Administrative Penalty System.


Frost confirmed approximately 180,000 parking tickets were issued in 2012 by the City. The cost to implement the new system is estimated at $575,000. Costs associated with the new system are expected to be recovered within three years.


Provincial Offences Act – Current System

City of Mississauga's licensing and parking offences are presently governed by the Provincial Offences Act. Examples of matters heard in a Provincial Offences Court include municipal licensing violations, traffic violations, parking offences and violations of the Building Code Act, Fire Protection and Prevention Act and Planning Act.

Administrative Penalty System – New System

The corporate report on the new system reads: the Municipal Act, 2001 provides the statutory authority for municipalities to implement a system of administrative penalties for the enforcement of licensing and parking bylaws. The process for establishing an Administrative Penalty System (APS) for parking is set out in Ontario Regulation 333/07. Under an APS the municipality may charge administrative fees including fees for late payments and the failure to appear at the time and place scheduled for the hearing. Under the current POA system, only nominal amounts for late parking payments are set by legislation.

Under an Administrative Penalty System hearings can occur in a timely manner. An Enforcement officer will issue a penalty notice to an alleged offender, which becomes a debt owed to the city. The recipient of the penalty may pay the penalty or request a review of the penalty notice by a screening officer, and if unsatisfied with the outcome, may request a review of the decision by a hearing officer.

The screening and hearing officers are appointed by Council for the term of Council.
Provincial Offences Court is not an available option and the decision of the hearing officer is final.

For more information review the corporate report: Administrative Penalty System

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