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Slam Dunk Your Junk!

Apr 15, 2003

MISSISSAUGA, ON - Mayor Hazel McCallion and NBA superstar Jerome Williams will soon be playing for the same team - the Raptors' Junkyard Dog has signed-on as Mississauga's anti-litter spokesperson in a campaign directed at youth.

The City of Mississauga sees Williams as an ideal role model to relate to today's media-savvy teens. The popular athlete with league-wide recognition has a unique connection with fans. "Not only is he an aggressive, energetic and highly talented basketball star, he is a caring, sincere individual who has received a number community awards for his philanthropy and dedication to charitable causes," says Corporate Services Commissioner Janice Baker.

Mayor McCallion, a long-time anti-litter advocate, spearheaded the "Don't be a Litterbug" phase of the campaign last year. Recently, this was followed up with a program focussing on enforcement of litter violations: "Stash your trash or lose your cash." In this newest phase of the City's anti-litter campaign, Jerome Williams' message is "Slam dunk your junk."

"We need to convince our teenagers and young adults not to litter," says McCallion. "I could keep reminding students to put their garbage where it belongs but I'm sure they'd rather hear it from the Junkyard Dog. The fact that he's 6 ft. 9 in. and I'm barely five feet tall has nothing to do with it!"

"Slam Dunk Your Junk" will be launched at the Mississauga Civic Centre at 3 p.m. on April 24. Mayor McCallion and Jerome Williams will be joined by the JYD mascot; Raptors' announcer Herbie Kuhn; Mississauga high school cheerleaders; campaign sponsors; and representatives from other GTA municipalities who have agreed to join in Mississauga's anti-litter campaign.

The launch is open to the general public. Students are encouraged to participate by making the pledge not to litter.

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