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Amendments to Business Licensing By-law 1-06 Tanning - Banning Tanning for Minors

Nov 29, 2012

General Committee Report 19-2012 Nov 21, 2012

Approved at Council




1. That a By-law to amend the Business Licensing By-law 1-06, as amended, be enacted to

license tanning facilities substantially similar to the draft By-law contained in (Appendix

1) to the report to General Committee dated November 1, 2012 entitled "Amendments to

the Business Licensing By-law 1-06, as amended, to require licensing for Tanning

Facilities" from the Commissioner of Transportation and Works.

2. That the deputation by Kevin Pacheco with respect to the ban on tanning for individuals

under the age of 18 be received.

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