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Did You Know - Lighting Can Be a Nuisance?

Dec 05, 2012

Today at General Committee, staff presented a Nuisance Lighting By-law, regulating “direct or indirect lighting…causing glare or trespass lighting” for Council consideration.

According to the Corporate Report, the by-law applies stricter lighting controls on buildings adjacent to residential properties. Currently, Property Standards By-law 654-98 requires that lighting fixtures are installed and maintained to prevent the light source from shining directly into residential property. Under the new by-law, indirect and ambient light will be regulated to:

• ensure reasonable use of outdoor lighting;
• control light pollution; and
• reduce glare and control unwanted spill on to other properties.

The by-law will be investigated and enforced in the same manner as the Nuisance Noise by-law. “Due to the subjective nature of the by-law, complainants will be required to provide evidence and be willing to testify in court,” said Mickey Frost, director, Enforcement. “On a first conviction a fine of up to $10,000 for individuals and $50,000 for corporations could apply.”

Temporary exemptions, similar to noise exemptions, will be available via application. General exemptions have been outlined in the draft by-law, which can be viewed at

The by-law will go before Council for final adoption on December 12.

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