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City of Mississauga Proposes Options for Regional Council Representation

Oct 09, 2013

At today's Mississauga Council meeting, staff presented four options to address the City of Brampton's request to have additional representation on Region of Peel Council resulting in an increase to a total of 28 members.
Currently, the Regional Council consists of 24 elected representatives plus the Regional Chair with Mississauga at 12 seats, Brampton at seven and Caledon at five. On September 16, 2013, a Brampton delegation requested Regional Council support a request to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to add four City of Brampton Councillors to Regional Council.
"This is the second time in a decade that a request to change governance in the Region of Peel is under consideration," noted Janice Baker, City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer. "In 2005, the Province enacted legislation following a review by Justice Adams that saw two more seats for Mississauga and one for Brampton while Caledon remained unchanged. Therefore, we felt it prudent to revisit this historical data and outline Mississauga's preference for any changes based on a set of principles of fairness and representation by population."
The staff report outlined governance options based on:
1. Status quo - Maintain Regional Council as is and undertake a more thorough review of this issue to be completed in 2016;
2. Representation by Population - Adjust Regional Council for a true representation by population (Mississauga and Brampton seats would increase; Caledon seats would decrease based on actual population figures);
3. Modified Representation by Population (Increasing Brampton's seats and decreasing Caledon's seats over time to move closer to representation by population);
4. Implementing Justice Adams recommendation, including weighted voting (Total number of Regional Council seats would increase, offset by complex voting system).
As well, staff presented principles for a governance model based on: efficiency and cost (keeping the size of Regional Council at 25); fairness (not allowing one municipality to have an effective veto over the others by holding a majority of the total number of Regional seats); and representation by population (supporting any changes to Regional representation that would be closer to this standard).
Following discussion, Council directed staff to consult with the public via a survey explaining why the change in Regional Council was being proposed and what the impact would be. Survey findings are expected to be ready for Council's review by the end of October.
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