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Provincial Election 2011
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Questions (For Provincial Party Leaders)

Fund and Grow Public Transit
What actions will your party take to help fund and grow transit?  Will your party commit to financial support of the Mississauga LRT?

City Building - Infrastructure Funding
Will your party commit to developing a new, long-term, sustainable infrastructure investment plan for Ontario municipalities?

Interest Arbitration - Labour Costs for Emergency Services
Will your party agree to change the rules of arbitration and make arbitration settlements more affordable to communities?

The Future Of The OPG Lands
Will your party honour the commitment by the province to develop a shared vision for the OPG site as set out in the Memorandum of Understanding and continue to work with the City of Mississauga to redevelop Lakeview as visualized by the parties to the MOU, the citizens of Mississauga, the landowners, and the rest of Ontario?

Post - Secondary Education Funding
Will your party continue to honour the existing post-secondary education funding commitment?

Air Quality

•        Clarkson Air Shed

Will your party agree to the implementation of an air-zone management program with a pilot project in the Oakville-Clarkson area, and take action to see that they are fulfilled in the next provincial government mandate?

•        Loreland Site

Will your party ensure a full Environmental Assessment is conducted on the Greenfield South Power plant proposal? Will you as a Provincial candidate oppose the construction of the Greenfield South power plant?