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35th Anniversary

In July 2016, Mississauga celebrated the 35th anniversary of its sister city partnership with Kariya, Japan. The 35th anniversary included several activities including Mayor Yoshinori Takenaka’s visit to Mississauga. During his four-day visit, Mayor Takenaka took part in various tours and dinners, a Mayors’ gift exchange ceremony and the Canada Day official ceremony at Mississauga Celebration Square.

The Mayors’ gift exchange ceremony took place on June 30 in the Great Hall at Civic Centre. On behalf of the City of Mississauga, Mayor Crombie presented Mayor Takenaka with an Ojibway hand drum created by Canadian artist, Destiny Rae. In exchange, Mayor Takenaka gifted Mayor Crombie with a Japanese suit of armour.

The ceremony also featured a hand drum performance by Kim Wheatly of the Mississaugas of the New Credit.

Several honoured delegates and guests attended the ceremony, including:

  • Members of Mississauga City Council
  • Yutaka Suzuki, President of Kariya International Friendship Association
  • Hidefumi Maeda, Chair of Kariya City Council
  • Masahiko Niwa, Kariya City Liaison
  • Stephanie Meeuwse, President of Mississauga Friendship Association

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The Mississauga Friendship Association
Mississauga Friendship Association
The Mississauga Friendship Association was established in 1993 to promote and grow Mississauga's sister city relationship with Kariya, City Japan.
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