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Ward 1 Ratepayer Associations

Applewood Acres Homeowners' Association
Contact: Dave Cook, President
1077 North Service Rd.,
#29, Box 20017,
Mississauga, On. L4Y 1A6

E-Mail: applewoodacreshomeowners@hotmail.com

North - Queensway
South - QEW
East - Dixie Road
West - Cawthra Road

Meeting Information:
Executive meetings are held monthly. Annual Meeting is held in October.

Cranberry Cove Ratepayers Association
Contact: Chris Mackie, President
50 Maple Ave. South
Mississauga, L5H 2R6
E-mail:     chrismackie@sympatico.ca 

North - Lakeshore Road
South - Lake Ontario
East - Esso Imperial Oil Property
West - Rhododendron Gardens

Credit Reserve Association
(note: Carwood Ratepayers Association has amalgamated with CRA)
Contact - John McKinnon, Interim Coordinator
1374 Victor Avenue
Mississauga, ON L5G 3A3
Phone: 905-274-6673
E-mail: jmckinnon@credit-reserve.com
Web site: www.credit-reserve.com

North - QEW
South - CN Tracks
East - Cooksville Creek/Trotwood Avenue
West - Credit River

Lakeview Ratepayers Association
Contact: Mark Bruni, President
896 Hampton Crescent
Mississauga ON. L5G 4G3
Email: info@lakeviewratepayers.com
Website: www.lakeviewratepayers.com

North - East side of Cawthra Road, north to the QEW
South - Lake Ontario
East - Etobicoke Creek to CNR tracks to the north
West - Adamson estate, north to Enola to CNR tracks

Orchard Heights Homeowner's Association
Bill Hickey, President
Phone: 905-891-4455
E-mail: president@orchardheights.ca
Website: www.orchardheights.ca

North - South Service Road - QEW
South - Toronto Golf Club
East - Etobicoke Creek
West - Dixie Road

Port Credit Village Residents Association (PCVRA)
Contact - Andrew Beattie, President
96 Cumberland Dr., Mississauga, ON, L5G 3M8
Phone: 905-278-9419
E-mail:     andrew.beattie@rogers.com

Meeting Information:
Board meetings are held monthly. Annual General Meeting is held in October

North - CNR Rail Line
South - Lake Ontario
East - Enola Avenue, South of Lakeshore Road/Seneca Ave, North of Lakeshore Road
West - Shawnmarr Road, North of Lakeshore Road/Godfrey's Lane, South of Lakeshore Road

Sherway Homeowners and Recreational Association
Contact: Alex Banks, President
1558 Sherway Drive
Mississauga ON L4X 1C4
Phone: 905-279-9843
Fax: 905-273-9003
Email: Banksa48@rogers.com

North - Queensway
South - QEW
East - Etobicoke Creek
West - Dixie Road

Town of Port Credit Association (TOPCA)
Contact: Deborah Greenfield, Jim Danahy Co-presidents
c/o 33 Mississauga Road South
Mississauga ON L5H 2H3

Email: TOPCA@topca.net
Web: www.topca.net

North: CNR tracks
South: Lake Ontario
East: Seneca Avenue
West: Shawnmarr Road


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