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Erindale Community Hall

City to Acquire, Renovate, and Maintain Erindale Community Hall


Dear Residents and Friends:



It is with great pride and overwhelming joy that I am able to officially advise you that after many months of quiet deliberations and negotiations the Council of the City of Mississauga today endorsed my resolution to acquire, renovate, and maintain the Erindale Community Hall.


We have yet to finalize some of the details, but the Agreement of Purchase and Sale states that the City will be investing up to $225,000 to upgrade the facility immediately. Simply put, we have guaranteed the future of this historic landmark which will be refurbished and maintained by the City of Mississauga and will remain available to the Erindale Village Association and area residents for generations to come as a unique community asset.


Words cannot express how grateful I am to the Mayor and Members of Council who supported my initiative to pursue this course of action. I have to particularly thank Brad Schneller and others in the Erindale Village for their on going support of the initiative and devotion and stewardship of the Erindale Village Hall over the years.


Many of you know that I am very proud of what I refer to as 'legacy projects' which I have been able to achieve during my time as Councillor. These include the complete reconstruction of the Huron Park Community Centre, the new Celebration Square at City Hall, acquiring the Hancock Woodlands, and the Queensway Multi-use Trail. I am so proud to be able to add this magnificent historic structure to the list that will serve generations to come.


I will provide you with more information in my upcoming Councillor's Report, and I am certain that the Erindale Community Hall Board and Ratepayer's Executive will keep you apprised also.


Kindest personal regards,


Nando Iannicca, Councillor, Ward 7