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Parking Considerations

In the City of Mississauga, residents can ask for up to 14 temporary parking considerations in a year, with a 5 day maximum permit, for each address.  This can be done by calling 3-1-1 Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  If calling from outside Mississauga, dial 905-615-4311. 

Residents will need to provide licence plate numbers of the vehicles that require the exemption. Approval will only be granted if it does not cause a safety concern, based on a review by Parking Enforcement personnel.

Five business days’ notice is required where prohibited parking signs are present. Please note: Parking considerations may be temporarily suspended due to weather conditions, snow removal operations or other emergency situations. For parking consideration requests longer than 5 days a fee of $63.28 (HST included) for single family dwellings approval. An administrative fee of $126.56 (HST included) is charged for parking considerations for multiple residential unit buildings and commercial or industrial properties.

Types of Parking Considerations:

Special Event Considerations  (For 1 - 5 days)- for weddings, funerals, home parties, school/church single day functions, short-term visitors which can be approved same day provided prohibited parking signs are not present. Staff would require the license plate number and vehicle description.

Extended Considerations (Not included in the 14 Per Year Consideration Limit)
Considerations of longer than 5 days for longer-term visitors, driveway paving/maintenance, renovations may be granted. Staff will require the licence plate number and vehicle description and may be approved same day provided prohibited parking signs not present. Subject to approval and supporting documentation.

Temporary parking permits will not be approved for unlicensed or immobile vehicles, heavy vehicles, school buses, vehicles displaying a "for sale" notice, fire routes or to block fire hydrants or obstruct driveways in any way.
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