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Benares House Gallery
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Book - “Once a Week, Volume 1”
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Title: Book - “Once a Week, Volume 1”
Identifier: 979.6.1499
Donor: Geoffrey Sayers
Item Date: 1858-1873
Creation Date: 2012
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: Two brown and beige hard covered books entitled "Once a Week". These are bound magazines. The title is on the spine which is dark and the cover is light.

In 1858 Bradbury and Evans broke with Dickens and subsequently set up "Once A Week" under the editorship of Samuel Lucas in opposition to Dickens' new weekly periodical "All The Year Round" . At 6d. it was more expensive than its predecessor and was illustrated. For their illustrators Bradbury and Evans drew on the extensive stable of artists associated with their other weekly magazine, Punch: notably John Leech, John Tenniel, George Du Maurier. Punch writers such as Mark Lemon, Shirley Brooks and Tom Taylor also featured prominently in the magazine's pages. Serial fiction was a main attraction, and the early issues of "Once A Week" carried Charles Reade's "A Good Fight" and George Meredith's "Evan Harrington". In its first year, "Once A Week" probably sold around a million copies. However it was expensive to produce, probably under priced, and went into a decline after Lucas died in 1865. At some point thereafter it was acquired by James Rice who owned and edited it until 1873 when G Manville Fenn bought it. By this stage it was a shadow of its former self. Historically the magazine's main achievement was to provide an outlet for the innovative group of illustrators of the 1860s.From:
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