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Book: Chambers's English Dictionary
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Title: Book: Chambers's English Dictionary
Identifier: 979.6.1549
Donor: Geoffrey Sayers
Item Date: 1872
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: A hard covered book, with a brown cover with gold and black decoration. The title is written in gold with an embellished letter D for the word Dictionary. The title page reads, "Chambers's English Dictionary: Pronouncing, Explanatory, and Etymological". There are 952 pages of definitions, etymology, pronunciation, and Scottish and Americanisms.

W. & R. Chambers Publishers was founded by the two brothers William Chambers and Robert Chambers. They were born into a rich family in Scotland during the time of the war with France. The war impoverished the family and, in 1813, the family moved to Edinburgh where William worked as an apprentice to a bookseller to support his family. Robertí at the age of 16, after finishing his education and unable to go further because of lack of funds moved to Edinburgh as well and set himself up as a bookseller. After Williamís apprenticeship ended he joined his brother Robert working as a bookseller. Together they created a printing and publishing business. In 1824 they began writing and publishing their own research on various subjects. This venture proved to be extremely successful. Chambers has since become known for publishing language and reference titles, including English-language dictionaries, thesauruses, bilingual dictionaries, and specialist titles on subjects such as biography, quotations, literary characters, science and technology and world history. In the 1990ís Chamberís acquired Harrap a publisher of foreign language dictionaries and is now known as Chambers-Harrap.
W and R Chamberís best known publication is "The Chambersís Dictionary". The dictionary was first published as "Chambersís English Dictionary" in 1872. It was an expanded version of Chambersís Etymological Dictionary of 1867, compiled by James Donald. A second edition came out in 1898, and was followed in 1901 by a new compact edition called "Chambersís Twentieth Century Dictionary". Editions of the dictionary are still published today and they are widely used by British crossword solvers and setters, and by Scrabble players as the dictionary contains many more dialectal, archaic, unconventional and eccentric words than its rivals, and is noted for its occasional wryly humorous definitions. _
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