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Benares House Gallery
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Egg Timer
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Title: Egg Timer
Identifier: 979.6.861
Donor: Geoffrey Sayers
Item Date: 1910-1920
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: A ceramic three minute hourglass timer attached to the figurine of a maid with a cat at her ankle. The maid is wearing a black dress with a white apron and a blue and white head dress. The sand in the timer is red. It turns on a metal hinge attached to her hand.

Hour glass timers measure time by the movement of sand from one position to another. Timers like this were typically used to time the cooking of eggs to a soft boiled state. To cook a soft boiled egg took three minutes. Because they were commonly used for eggs the term egg timer came to represent any type of kitchen timing device. These timers could be and were used for all different types of foods besides eggs. Simple timers consisted of just hour glass shaped glass but timers could also have fancy bases or frames. Bases and frames could be made from metal, wood or ceramic.
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