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Book  Tartan Plaids
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Title: Book Tartan Plaids
Identifier: 2001.2.1.1
Donor: Mr. Richard Parker
Item Date: 1945 1955
Creation Date: 2012
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: A black leather-bound book held together with three metal screw fasteners. There was a shield on the front cover which is now missing except for a piece across the top which reads "Authentic Tartans: Made in England". This is accompanied by a symbol of an upside-down heart with rays above a circle/ball. The background is black with the printing in silver. In large gold printing halfway down the cover is: "Tartan Plaids". At the bottom is: "James Ives & Co. Ltd." in gold printing. On the right hand inside cover it reads "Frank M. Raphael, Manufacturer's Agent, Room 900 Mayor Building, Montreal, Que". The pages aren't numbered and the plaids are not in alphabetical order. Each plaid does have an order number. There are 47 pages of sample tartans, only on one side of the page. The back inside cover again says "Frank M. Raphael, Manufacturer's Agent" accompanied by the Montreal address and "Manufacturers of Teachers' Pet (green letters) apparel for girls, Toronto 2B, Ontario". A date is stamped on the top left: "Nov. 6 1951".

Mr. Richard Parker was a travelling textile sales man. He sold material for clothes, billiard tables and upholstery. He lived at 1276 Mississauga Road for over 40 years. He had a bedroom office at this house which he worked from until the age of 86. He was originally from Willowdale, moving to Mississauga in the 1970's with his wife and five children.

The samples are authentic plaids from Scotland. Most of his clients were located in the west end of Toronto. He considers the book to be the 'bible' of Scottish tartan plaids.
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