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Title: Art Card - Parade Float
Identifier: 2005.4.129
Donor: Barbara Larson
Item Date: 1930
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: A delicately drawn image of a parade float drawn by two horses. The card is a light paper board, with ink in the colour of light red, light blue-green, and black. The parade float is rectangular with a square bordered skirt. The title is in black lettering on a red background, mounted on the side of the float base. The front half of the float shoes a wooden boat in a "lake" of water. Four oarsmen are seated and a military officer is standing at the bow, holding the flag. The back of the float shoes a stockade surrounding the "fort", with the flag flying. A soldier stands guard on the shore, just in front of the stockade, with his rifle and fixed bayonet. On the back surface, at the left, there is a strip of paper glued on with fiber tears at the extreme edge, showing the card had been mounted at some time.

History: According to the donor, this card was part of a scrapbook that used to exist at Benares. The artist William Bengaugh (1863-1932) was an employee of Toronto Litho. Co., and the younger brother of John Wilson Bengaugh, the well known 'brilliant' political satirist (1853-1923).
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