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Bradley Collection Gallery
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Title: Mirror
Identifier: 981.27.2
Donor: Patricia Price
Item Date: 1840-1850
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: A looking-glass with a bevelled mahogany veneer frame. There is a horizontal strip of wood about a third of the way down from the top of the mirror. The upper portion a painted oval picture of a grey bowl filled with fruit and a countryside. The area around the oval is painted white with four ovals of green and yellow with gold flowers. The mirror is on the lower section. The back has a board with strips of paper across it. There are two hooks at the edge. A label attached to the back reads, 'A wedding present to our mother, H... (?) Eliza Clapp who married William Stevens Baker July 3rd 1845, E... L & Harriet Baker June 4 1927.' Numbers are written in illegible ink.

The earliest mirrors were made of highly polished metal and have a long history, dating back thousands of years. In the 19th century the chemical process of coating a glass surface with metallic silver was discovered which was the precursor of modern mirror making. Present-day mirrors are made by putting a thin layer of molten aluminium or silver onto a glass plate in a vacuum.

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