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Bradley Collection Gallery
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Title: Arrowhead
Identifier: 990.4.3
Donor: Mr. Lalumiere
Item Date: 1800-1900
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: Metal arrowhead with small pieces of wood in the bottom, where the bow attaches. The front point is triangular in shape and is quite sharp and the back end of the wood appears to have broken off another part.

Found on the donor's property located beside the Cawthra Elliot Estate.

An arrowhead is the point of an arrow or a shape resembling such point and was primarily used as a weapon or in hunting. They are found in archaeological sites around the world and are usually made of stones like flint, obsidian or cherts as well as bone, metal or wood.

The early First Nations groups that inhabitant and settled along the Credit River and in the area now called Mississauga used projectile points and arrowheads for hunting and gathering of food.
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