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Bradley Collection Gallery
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Broad Axe head
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Title: Broad Axe head
Identifier: 975.4.1
Donor: R.T. Stewart Auction
Item Date: 1820-1890
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: Metal axe head, space for handle to be inserted; 1 side flat, 1 side convex.

A broadaxe is a large-headed axe. In the 19th century, the broadaxe was commonly used in manufacture of square timber, for shaping logs used in log cabin construction and in the manufacture of axe ties. There were two types of broadaxes both used for shaping logs by hand hewing. On one type, one side is flat and the other side beveled, a basilled edge, this is a hewing broadaxe. On the other type, both sides are beveled, this is a chopping broadaxe. On the hewing broadaxe the handle may curve away from the basilled side to allow a flush stroke when hewing a flat plane on the side of a log. The flat blade is to make the flat surface, and the curved handle is to enable the user to stand on the object being worked on and hew on the appropriate side.
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