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Bradley Collection Gallery
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Flat Tongs
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Title: Scroll Tongs
Identifier: 990.2.7
Donor: Mr. J.J. Marley
Item Date: 1820-1890
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: A pair of cast iron, straight or scroll blacksmith tongs with a long handle that slightly curves at the end. The gripper ends are straight on the outside but curve slightly on the inside.

Blacksmiths have always played a very important part in the development of society and culture. Among the various tools a blacksmith used, the tongs were the most important. Without this tool, the blacksmith would have a very hard time getting his work done. The history of blacksmiths originated before recorded history, during the beginning of the cultivation and use of fire. Fire, is a main component in a blacksmiths work, as it helps the metal become soft, so it is easy to manipulate or shape into whatever the blacksmith wants. Blacksmith tongs are a very simple device, but are very important. When metal gets very hot, from being melted in the fire, a blacksmith would need a device to hold the hot metal without burning himself. Tongs allow the blacksmith to have a good grip on the metal, and be able to do whatever he wants with the metal, without physically touching it. It also helps the blacksmith to place the metal in fire as well as take it out of the fire. . (Information taken from
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