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Wreath, Hair
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Title: Wreath, Hair
Identifier: A.101.70
Donor: Margaret Lawrence
Item Date: 1860 1880
Creation Date: 2012
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: A hair wreath enclosed in a wooden case with a glass top. The circular wreath has a break at the top; it is made up of brown, grey, blond and black hair. Shaped with wire to form flowers. Small black, white, and red glass beads are used as berries. A small bundle of hair is inside the circle of the large wreath. The wooden frame and glass cover has a metal hook at side to allow the glass to open. Wood has been stained brown. White cloth inside frame used as a backdrop for the wreath. A wire is strung across the back of the frame.

Bought at an antique store on Hwy No.7 in 1970 by donor.

Hair wreaths are formed by stitching the hair with fine wire over a rod which forms a series of loops that can be made in different flower shapes. Most are formed in a horseshoe shape and are placed on a decorative background inside a frame. Many hair wreaths are memorial wreaths with flowers made of hair from deceased loved ones. Usually the top of the wreath is kept open (horseshoe shape) to indicate "ascending to heaven". Sometimes the newest addition would be placed in the centre and then moved to the side to become a part of the wreath once the next person passed away.
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