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Bradley Collection Gallery
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Title: Tool Box
Identifier: U.18.64
Donor: Mrs. Magdaline Martin
Item Date: c.1835
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: A dark painted rectangular chest (U.18.64a) with a heavy base and top. The front and back are each made of two planks joined horizontally and the sides are each of single planks. The four sides are dovetailed together. The bottom is made of five boards, as is the top. The five boards are joined vertically at the bottom where they are placed with the grains set at right angles, which helps prevent warping. There are two long rectangular trays with a hinged lid (U.18.64b,c). The tray is divided horizontally into three compartments with the middle compartment shorter than the two outer ones. There is also a long rectangular tray that is divided into five compartments (U.18.64d). One of these compartments runs the entire length of the tray and the other four are of equal size and divided crosswise. Another long rectangular tray is divided into two sections across the middle (U.18.64e). One of the sections is divided again into four smaller trays. There is flat board hinged to the bottom edge of the tray. A small rectangular tray is divided lengthwise into two sections (U.18.64f). 'J. G. Cameron' is written on the inside of the chest. History: The chest belonged to John Gordon Cameron, the donor's great-grandfather, from the early 1800s. J. G. Cameron was a builder by trade and settled in Seaton Village, which is now part of Toronto. He married Wilhelmina Ross. The chest was then passed down to his son, John Gordon Cameron (1841-1903), who was also a builder and worked on the Church of the Redeemer, the Church of the Messiah, and the old Toronto City Hall. The tools were made by both the donor's great-grandfather and grandfather. Accessioned in 1964.
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